About Us

At NUTRIPATH®, we are next generation nutritionists, providing virtual consultations, self-care plans, supplements, subscriptions and online tutorials. NUTRIPATH® was formed by Francesca Nicholas who recognises that clients’ lifestyles and expectations had shifted, resulting in outdated clinician set-ups. Francesca is on a mission to redefine the nutritionist experience for modern lifestyles through a holistic on-demand service.


Our Approach

Our approach is personal to you and you only. We offer expert advice for individuals or produce Corporate Health and Wellbeing programmes for your employees by analysing your employees health using our personalised technology. We then develop a programme for your company or team focussing on improving absenteeism and employee health. This can be through many avenues including food and recipes, webinars, access to advice, functional testing, newsletters, podcasts, videos. We strive to get the best results for you and make you feel happy about your lifestyle. You will be working only with Nutrition Experts in their fields. We care about helping and guiding you in the next stages of health improvement.

Pragmatic Approach

Pragmatic Approach

We have a realistic, holistic and pragmatic approach.

Good Nutritional Health Starts with Good Self-Care

Balance Client Lifestyles

We balance client lifestyles and needs with our expertise and experience in physiological and biochemical processes to achieve the ultimate guide in self-care.

Sustainable Solutions

We work passionately in partnership with clients to create straightforward, tailored and sustainable nutritional solutions.

The Founder

Francesca Nicholas is the proud owner and founder of NUTRIPATH®

Francesca Nicholas

Francesca Nicholas


I am a highly experienced Registered Nutritionist in Public Health and Clinician who has a Batchelors in Nutrition (BSc), a Masters (MSc) in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition, a Masters equlivilant (MSc) in Health and Wellbeing Physiology and a Diploma in Naturopathy.

My main role is to advise on foods and healthy eating which aid health. I have met strict standards of professional education in nutrition which are accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and the Complementary Medical Association (SCMA). I am also an affiliate member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

In my Clinical studies and my many years as a Clinical Health and Wellbeing Physiologist in private healthcare working alongside doctors, I focussed on my cardiology training, taking ECGs, lung function, bioimpedance measurements, phlebotomy daily as well as advising on blood results once confirmed by the doctor. I gained a Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Physiology (equivalent to a Masters (MSc)) based around health, wellbeing and the pathophysiology of lifestyle disease, lifestyle interventions and behaviour change and clinical skills and assessments. Therefore, I am also a Non Diagnostic Clinician who can advise on foods that may aid your health such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, gout, menopause and weight loss. I work with clients across a diverse range of health as a private health consultant.

In 2022, I completed a Diploma in Naturopathy to improve my knowledge on holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health, founded in the principle that nature can help us heal. In 2023, I was proud to receive my SIBO Doctor certification and registration on the practitioners portal which allows us to practise new and exciting avenues of gut health. Further, an additional certification from the Food Standard's Agency on Food Allergies and Intolerances.

In 2023, I was delighted to be upgraded to the highest Nutritional Register on the Association of Nutrition and move from an ANutr (Associate Registered Nutritionist) to a full RNutr PH (Registered Nutritionist Public Health). This registration requires 3+ years of high experience in your industry with continuous evidence of help to the public and further improvements to your own education.

Important note: It is very important to get regular health check ups from your GP, including for your heart, lungs and blood tests to check your overall health at least annually. If you are suffering from a medical condition please strongly follow the advice of your GP, inform them of any health changes you are making and take your prescribed medication as advised by your doctor.



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