August 2022

Heart Healthy

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How do I boost my immune system?


So how did 2022 start for you? Did you make any resolutions? …. Did you promise to write that book? Run that 10k race? Or lose that stone you gained in lockdown?

Whatever you resolutely promised, where are you with those resolutions now? And what does a healthy body image look like to you? Is it healthy or is it a media air brushed image? Think about that for a bit….

Let’s refocus here and instead of thinking about how you want your body to look. What do you actually want your body to do? Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed and replenished after a good night’s sleep ready to face the day’s challenges head on?

What seems like a good idea at the time when one is desperate to look good, might lead us to trying the latest celebrity diet or crazy eating trend on the web, when really we have to ask ourselves WHERE’S THE RESEARCH? Do we really think that the latest B celeb launching a DVD really has our best health interests at heart? That they are truly invested in our long term future health?

We at Nutripath can’t promise to ghost write a New York Times best seller for you, but we can help fuel your body to run that race with energy. We can also help you lose that extra weight that’s slowing you down with a healthy diet and support.

What we feel we need to write about here is the challenges that most people face when it comes to dieting and long term weight loss and why you shouldn’t feel too discouraged if you’ve let your New Year’s resolutions slip. Most future clients would have tried multiple diets before speaking with Nutripath, whereupon they might have excluded valuable food groups that the body needs or perhaps cut calories drastically.

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The first point to make would be that everyone is different. What works for Amelie won’t work for Anna… which can be frustrating to some as life would be so simple that way… well no.. actually we’re kind of pleased that we are all so genetically different and unique from one another – there is strength in that statement. 

The second point is that we find that most people don’t actually eat enough calories, we detect in our sessions that Sophia lives on an apple for breakfast and a protein bar for lunch. We have to break past the fear together on actually trusting the body with eating a well-balanced diet, if anyone has ever felt out of control with their diet and weight gain this can be a real hurdle of trust to jump with us. But we get there.

The third point is that there are multiple health issues that can come into play when someone is feeling like they just can’t lose weight, the frustration is palpable. Some of the common things that we see in our sessions that might impede weight-loss are hormone dysregulation, unbalanced blood sugars and chronic stress. What seems obvious to us from experience is not obvious to the person sat on the other side that just feels plain miserable when nothing is working.

The fourth point is mindset – is that a negative event normally triggers the initial intent to lose weight, unflattering photo, looming holiday on a beach, or a bad break up. This is the kick start most people have to lose the initial weight. They go gun ho..but this initial kick fades in time and doesn’t normally sustain them long term. This is where we have to reframe the thinking and work on long term healthy goals. When it’s framed in the mind positively and you’re thinking about nourishing and caring for your body you’ll find the universe conspires to help you because your mindset is positive.

And the final point is… What is a healthy body image? There is much debate about this..

Possibly the body that comes to your mind will probably very much depend on the decade you was born in..

So your decade may be to see Kate Moss as the ultimate body image … when in reality your body type was simply out of fashion. Your frame is nothing like that at all…and it would be lying if you hadn’t secretly wished to be like her. A long time ago. 

we have a massive respect for the multiple bio-chemical processes that the body undertakes on a second by second basis keeping you alive, We are in awe of the human body and our mindset is resolute on that – your body may have carried a child without much effort from you, possibly it enjoys HIIT and yoga a few times per week.

On a serious note we get to wake up every day, log into Nutripath for virtual sessions with men and women all over the country that want to change their lives and we are so grateful that we can be a small positive part of that journey. 

What could change?

The change we would like to see if we had a magic wand…We are observing that there are a lot of famous women that advocate for curves and positive body image but use filters to edit their bodies on apps and present them on social media as natural…. that’s just misleading.

This comes up time and time again in our sessions “I wish I looked like that” we are also finding that this equally affects men in the exact same way. We really need to scrutinize these body image goals that we have .. are they even real?

On an end note …Change is totally possible, a new you for 2022 is waiting for you. It’s important to enjoy the journey, the right plan will help you walk a bit taller in life because you’ve invested time to improve your health and make some real positive long term healthy changes for the right reasons.

Make sure you’re starting your journey with a good mind set, some sound nutritional knowledge and a love of who you are already.

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Not just packed with heart healthy fats, regular consumption of this fatty fish has also been proven to improve mood – let’s think about that… feel good.. probably make it to the gym more often


Not only great for a healthy snack to regulate energy but also fab for gut bacteria, feel good from the inside out, multiple research suggests that there is a correlation between gut bacteria, certain cravings and obesity.


Nutripath won’t win the Nobel prize for this suggestion .. but you’d be surprised how very little water clients drink on a daily basis and the benefits this simple change makes to plumping and brightening skin, the alertness is brings to the mind and the aid to weight-loss that you see.. 


This comes in all shapes and sizes, helps regulate the blood sugar levels which leads to less snacking.


Don’t just focus on animal protein try the plant based options too  – keeps you fuller for longer and is so important to your overall heal

SLEEP – An extra hour per night..

A small clinical trial in overweight adults concluded that sleeping for that extra hour per night helped people cut calorie intake.

Yes that’s right… no change in diet or exercise.. Just an extra hour snoozing.

The study suggests that 8 hours of sleep led to an average of eating 270 calories less.

This backs up previous studies undertaken in the past, people that sleep less take in extra calories.

It’s worth investing in your sleep routine if you are serious about losing weight.






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Brussel spouts

A fantastic source of sulphur which enhances liver function, the liver is reponsible for helping metabolize fat.


Packed full of fibre and slow release sugar which can help regulate the body’s blood sugar levels.


Research suggests that raspberries may help suppress the absorption of fat and help stimulate the metabolism.


Coconut oil is high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), these may help reduce appetite and increase the the activity of fat burning cells.


Hot chillies used in cooking may help reduce hunger, cravings and boost metabolism.


Watercress has a mild diuretic action helping maintain the body’s water balance.

Rocket helps strengthen the liver and may help stimulate digestion.


Helps stimulate the production of gluathione which helps aid detoxification and liver function.



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What are GI foods?

The glycaemic index (GI) is a rating system for the foods containing carbohydrates.

Low or medium GI foods take longer to break down in your gut and only cause a gradual rise in blood sugar levels, they may help you feel fuller for longer. This may be beneficial to controling your appetite and losing weight.

By the addition of fat and protein on the plate we can also slow down the absorption of carbohydate.

Low GI breakfast that we love

Strawberries as our low GI sweetner, rolled porridge oats as our Low GI carbohydrate, unsweetend yoghurt as our protein and a tablespoon full of chopped nuts as our fat source.

Did you know?

Cigarettes raise blood sugar levels by acting as a mild stimulant to the cenral nervous system.




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As we spoke before about diet being bespoke to each of us for weight loss, the same can be applied for exercise.

We have several clients that have benefited from switching up their exercise routines from hard cardio to a mix of resistance training and yoga.

Why did this make such a difference? 

These clients were already stressed in their internal worlds due to high demands at work and balancing family life. Cortisol the stress hormone was already quite high.  HIIT sessions can raise cortisol levels further and raised cortisol can lead to increased visceral adiposity

The clients switched to lifting weights regularly and increased their muscle mass so they burned more calories through out the day, overall they felt more energetic and stronger emotionally.

Furthemore, the addition of yoga practice a few times a week left clients feeling more relaxed, less stressed and sleeping better. They also noticed that because they felt less stressed they tended to not binge eat and could turn down an alcoholic drink after a stressful day.

Consideration… How does your exercise routine serve you ?

Is it time to shake it up a bit? exercise should not leave you feeling exhausted, the main goal for most is to gain more energy.


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We all know that we need to drink more water..

Most clients we see in our first session drink a lot of coffee, we ask them reduce their coffee intake to one quality cup of coffee per day after breakfast.

We then encourage regular hydration in the following ways.

  • For clients that like a hot drink, we encourage herbal teas or a slice of ginger and lemon in hot water.
  • For clients that don’t like the taste of water, we offer recipes for fruit infused water.
  • For clients that forget to drink water, we encourage that they fill their water bottles at the same time every day, drink a glass when waiting for the kettle to boil or drink a glass when cooking food. By attaching this to a habit it becomes second nature, soon the body will remind you without cue and the benefits of drinking water will kick in.

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